Simply Complicated?

Nov 05



I live for compliments

imageim so aliveĀ 

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This is me


This is me

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Nov 04

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Jul 10

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Jul 06

Biting his lip.

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Jul 03

Reblog this if you are literally suprised when people find you attractive.

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I can’t remember a time when I was this happy, and I owe it all to you

Jun 24


Dear lauren,
I love you sooooo much you are the most amazing girl in the world. You in general make me smile and I would do anything for you. I want you to know you are the first girl to ever make me feel this way and just can’t wait til I’m able to call you mine! My gf lauren hayes. That has an amazing ring to it! I love you your my panda princess! Ur awesome

Jun 23

lovewhileyouareyoungandbeautiful said: I texted you the other day and you didnt text back -___- are you coming out this summer? In two weeks, I leave for mexico and Im gone for three weeks :/

Ummm I never got a text what number u txt cauemy number is 408 520 6164. Haha yeah I’m comming up it’ll probably be first or second week of august so see you then I guess. Can’t wait! Lol have fun in mexico cousin/person somehow related to me

Jun 18

Hi Lauren

This post is in response to a post tht you made for me and is dedicated souly to you. First off I read that post a few times and every single time it brought the same goofy smile to my incredibly goofy face. I know you’ve faced some pretty terrible relationships and It wasmy pleasure to help you through the outcomes and I pinky swear I will be nothing like them. I remember the very first time we met. Sophmore year 2nd day of 2nd semester is when I worked up the nerve to talk to you. I said “howabout that weather” it sounded so stupid, and it was but it worked as an icebreaker. Than I found you on fb cause imma creepy stalker. We started talking and you opened up so fast I was amazed and I soon found my self opening up. I loved it I felt I. Could really talk to you. And after our 3rd night texting a little over a year ago I just knew I liked you but things got in the way it paind me watching all those guys get what I wanted and all I could do was watch. But I saw an opening a begged for my chance and I’m so grateful for it. The book you made me read the little prince was amazing. The situation and the princes feelings for the rose are exactly how I feel about you. Lauren panda Hayes your my rose/ panda princess and id be honored to bd your prince. In your post you said you’ve fallen in like with me. Truth is I just don’t feel that way about you at all. If you must know I haven’t fallen in like with you. I’ve fallen in love! Truth is you mean the world to me and yeah it does suck that our summers are conflicting but that’ll make when we do see eachother that much more special. Another truth I can’t wait to hug you. Lame I know but I just love the feeling of you in my arms. And I have a very important question for you when we do see eachother anyway I’ve left so much out and I’m sorry but id be here all night if I wrote everything I love about you and I hope I’ve told you enough to the point where u already know. This is the end of this post. I love you lauren panda hayes aka my rose

Jun 17

Reblog if your penis is perfect.

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Jun 15

Reblog if you’d like 3 messages from a curious anon.

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Jun 12

After today I know ive found a girl who can make me happy

Jun 09

Tis a dark, dark day indeed:( no bueno

Jun 05

Why do I care soo much I’m Gregory fucking Brazil I don’t care about things! But there’s something about her